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Arya Afshar at Blue Light Studio


I’m Arya. I'm a musician, sound designer, and producer. I've worked in the realm of music and film audio for 14 years & I make audio tutorials in my spare time. I was born in Iran, spent most of my twenties moving from continent to continent with my band, yada yada yada and now I live in Canada where I work as a freelance Dialogue & Podcast Editor, Film Composer & Tutor.


“Through over 15 years of his trials and tribulations in 5 different countries, many great friends lost or taken away from us along the way, and friendships and relationships stretched and tested across the planet, the dude has stayed in perpetual dedication to materialize his formative dream of creating brain-tickling music; a dream that we birthed as little skate-rats in Tehran.”
Aryan Ashoori, Curator at Shivelight

“Arya is an extremely capable audio artist and gifted in object-based coding. His on-task personality is relaxed yet tenacious, with the ability to give accurate criticism in a lighthearted manner, making him someone I would always be happy to group with on any audio-related project. He also has a great ear for music and composition. He would be an essential asset towards any audio project, and a fun personality at the pub for beers after clocking out. I would not hesitate to hire Arya on to any sound team given the opportunity.”
Keith Stewart aka Sub-Antics

“Arya is one of the most reliable sound designers I have worked with. He is a quick learner and never refuses colleagues asking for help. While working on F.R.O.G, despite losing half our team mid-project, we were able to finish the project in time and produce something we’re proud of!”
Yusuke Konishi aka Sound Designerd

“Arya's commitment to creating original custom assets was refreshing. In his final Game Audio project, he and a partner accomplished an impressive amount of content and integration in a short timeframe. His hands-on, proactive approach will serve him well in the future.”
Dorian Pareis, Audio Director at EA