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[LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT] Mixing Feedback Session

For a limited time, I'm offering detailed technical recording and mixing feedback at a very discounted price. You can watch previous feedback videos in this YouTube Playlist. Here's how it works:

Who you are: A professional or aspiring mixing engineer/producer in the middle of a project. You have a track you like, but are unsure of the mix, stuck with a certain aspect of it, or your ear are just too tired and your objectivity has been compromised with repeated listens. It happens to the best of us. It's part of the job, but you can borrow my ears!

What you will do: email me the latest version of your mix, in WAV format, as well as a few paragraphs describing the track, the style, who recorded it, where it was recorded, as well as any specific questions about the mix or recording you may have. Be as detailed as possible, and include minutes:seconds of where in the track is the "problem area".

You can also feel free to send me stems, if you want me to break down the mix further and inspect your elements one by one!

What I'll do: I Will make a video and give you feedback, you can then comment your questions and I'll answer them. Afterwards, you can send me any number of revisions of the same track and I will give you feedback at no additional cost. If you choose to send me more songs after that, you will get a 20% discount for being a returning collaborator.

What'll hopefully happen: I want these to be educational for everyone and not only the person submitting it. As such I may go on some tangents in the middle of feedback to provide more context. I also want to be honest and blunt without being rude. I will never insult or ridicule your mix or music, but I don't believe in simply complimenting your work and moving on. Baseless complimenting is not constructive, just like baseless insults aren't. I want you take something away from this, not to shatter or bolster your ego.


-You must submit your track with the title "Mixing Feedback": iddqdsoundofficial@gmail.com
-Send them before any Friday 5pm ET and you will be featured in the next episode the following Monday.

-Your email must include a written description of the track and a DOWNLOAD link.

-No mastered tracks allowed! Something I learned while teaching to mix, is that people rarely hear unmastered tracks. As a result, people often don't know what a mix needs to sound like, and don't know what a mastered song used to sound like before mastering. I want unmastered tracks so we can focus on the mixing and mixing only.

-Obviously you need to be okay with your mix being played in a public live stream in its entirety, but you can remain anonymous or I will be happy to display your name, or any links you choose. If you choose to stay anonymous, your mix will still be played but you won't be named.
-If you really want your video to be private, that can be arranged. However, I want you and other people to learn from these feedback videos, so your mix can create discussions that other people will benefit from, which is valuable.

The video will be uploaded on my channel here:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXom6oGEQL7iBGTGaCpyHng If you don't wish to submit, still check out other submissions and my feedback, and I can guarantee that you will leave with some educational mixing tidbits!

In the interest of transparency I'm gonna tell you who I am and why I'm doing this:

I'm a musician, mixing engineer and sound designer with 15 years of experience in film and music. I have a bachelor's degree in audio production, plus diplomas in Sound Design and music production. I've worked in 3 studios in Turkey and 1 in Canada, as well as tons of freelance work. I make this content since the COVID pandemic has left me with little freelance work, so I thought this would be a good way to help others as well as make a little bit of money. Be reminded that the price I'm offering is HEAVILY DISCOUNTED. 10 Dollars is not even a good hourly wage, but I also spend more than one hour on them. I usually record at least an hour of video giving feedback, before spending another hour or so editing the video, and more time writing feedback as well. So really, I'm charging a price that comes at a loss for me, and this won't go on forever. I'm hoping for the first few to serve as proof that these are helpful, so that I can eventually charge a decent amount for them!

How to Pay:

After you send me the mix, I will ask you to send a $10 USD payment to my Paypal. The address is same as the submission address: iddqdsoundofficial@gmail.com Once I receive the payment, I will get started on the feedback session. Your email will be added to the list of clients, which qualifies you for unlimited revision feedback for the same track, and earns you a 20% discount for all future feedback tracks. That's it!