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'Platypus', the first single off 'Mutations' out on all major streaming platforms!

Hey Folks!

This will be a very short blog. Been a busy few months. I got married! I'm moving to Montreal in a month. Exciting stuff! None of that has stopped me from working on the album though. The mixes are done and I'll be mastering soon. I'm excited to have released the first single from the record, titled Platypus. It's already been on my Soundcloud for a while, but I'm now available on all streaming platforms, thanks to Distrokid!

You can see them all on this page.
Whatever platform you're using, I hope you like the new single! It'll always be available for free streaming on my Soundcloud, but if you use Apple Music or Amazon, I will be making a little bit of cash as well. Make sure to follow me as the full record hits on September 2nd, and I'll be releasing a second song from the album on August 2nd! Stay tuned!