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Automation Modes Quiz & Cheat Sheet!

Hey folks!

I have recently been covering the topic of automation in my Rapid-Fire Reaper Tutorials Series. I have made 8 episodes on this topic alone and planning to do more in the future. In the meantime, I thought I could challenge you with a quick quiz on Automation Writing modes, as well as give you a cheat sheet to use if you are still foggy on this stuff!

Play the quiz below and don't scroll down if you want to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, feel free to just go and download the cheat sheet. You can save it as an image or download the pdf version on the bottom of the page.

So here's the quiz:

Take The Reaper Automation Modes Quiz above!

DON'T SCROLL PAST THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE TAKEN OR DON'T WANT TO TAKE THE QUIZ! . . . . . . . . YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! . . . . . . . ... Reaper Automation Modes Cheat Sheet

Okay here's the little cheat sheet I created. It's a brief description of each mode, as well as a few of its uses. Of course this is meant as a quick refresher/cheat sheet for beginners so if you want to hear the full details! Watch this video.

Reaper Automation Modes Cheat Sheet!

Download the pdf version below, or simply save the image above!

IDDQD Sound - Reaper Automation Cheat Sh


Download • 672KB

If you haven't seen the video on Automation Modes check it out here:

Part II: