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20 Rapid-Fire Reaper Tutorials Made! (Free Reaper Scripts!)

RFRT Custom Actions Ep1-20


Download Contents:

1. Custom Script: Create 3 Envelope Points
This simple script creates 3 Envelope points within a time selection. It will insert two envelope points at time selection start and end, and one wherever you place your mouse cursor. Then your time selection is removed and your envelope points unselected. This video shows how I use this action for quick mouse automation!

Recommended Hotkey: ⌃ Double Click in Envelope lane & Segment Mouse Modifiers.*
Requirements: Time Selection, An envelope lane visible.
*In this video I show how to Add/Customize Mouse Modifiers!

2. Custom Script: Two Mono Items to Stereo
This script was shown in the second ever episode of RFR Tutorials (then known as 1-minute tutorials) and it's used to render two mono items as one stereo item a la Pro Tools!

Recommended Hotkey: None, place it on the Media Item Menu. Here's How. Requirements: Two Items selected, Will not align Automatically

3. Custom Script: Show Envelope Lane For Last Touched Parameter (One click)
This script allows you touch any parameter and show its envelope lane. You can do this by menu-diving in the FX Window, but this reduces the 2-click process to 1 click! Here's how I use it.

Recommended Hotkey: ⌃⇧A Requirements: One FX Parameter Clicked on, Arrange Window Focused

4. Custom Script: Show Track Lineage
This custom action is too complicated for a RFR Tutorial, so I made a longer stand-alone episode where I show you how I use it and why I had to create it, as well as list its flaws.

Recommended Hotkey: None, I have it in my Top Toolbar. Requirements: (Optional) TCP and MCP saved to Track view before using (Here's how)

5. Custom Script: Duplicate Empty Version of Track
This bonus script hasn't been covered in a tutorial, but it basically duplicates any selected track(s), including colour, name, FX Chain, and so on, but removes its items.

Recommended Hotkey: ⌥⌘D (same as Logic Pro X), ⌘D duplicates the track with items. Requirements: One or more tracks selected.

Hey Folks!

Enjoy this free download of every custom action I showed in my first 20 Rapid-Fire Tutorial videos! Thanks for watching them so far and stay tuned for more! We're currently going at a rate of about 5 Rapid-Fire videos a week! That's on top of all the other videos on Music, Sound Design and Sound Editing on my channel!

I've had this channel since 2019, and always wanted to take it more seriously but time never allowed for it until recently. I'm still in the process of learning all the aspects of video editing, motion graphics, colour-grading, lighting, thumbnail-making, all that stuff that comes with creating video, but I'm a big advocate of learning as I go, as my videos and thumbnails will hopefully show. So thank you for bearing with me as I figure this stuff out!

I've already optimized the audio process to be able to quickly work on the tutorials, but still struggling to find the perfect video recording and colour-grading workflow. I hope you understand that I am an audio professional, not a video/image designer, so improving those will always be a secondary goal.

If you have any feedback for me, I'd appreciate it in these formative times of my channel. I am slowly beginning to work around series and unified brands, so you can shape the future of my channel. Also keep them questions coming as I'm always on the lookout for new topics to cover, and running out fast at this rate!

Just a reminder, you can also download a few templates and other custom actions in the tutorial notes of my Sound Design Series! Enjoy!