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Celebrating 50 RFRT Videos (Free Downloads)

Hey folks!

Today I'm happy to be celebrating our 50th Rapid-Fire tutorial! Thank you so much for being with me so far, and I hope to be able to continue to make better content down the line!

As a token of my appreciation, here's a little download bundle, including every custom action & toolbar covered in the last 25 episodes. The download bundle for the first 25 episodes can be found here, and the MIDI mini-series downloads get their own download bundle here. Have a browse through the rest of the blog as there are some other actions and other free goodies scattered about!

CAUTION: Before you import my toolbars, you should back up your configurations for safety. If you don't know how, this video shows the process. Also carefully read the instructions below. If you don't have SWS extensions installed, you need them before you can fully use these, and also make sure to download the appropriate Reapack scripts for all the toolbar icons to function. You can find out more in the videos themselves which I will link.

IDDQD Sound - 50 RFRT Bundle Download ZIP • 537KB

Includes: -6 custom actions
-4 custom toolbars

-'Ask Kenny' custom toolbar icon

Custom Actions

If you need to know how to import these, watch this video!

-IDDQD Sound_Add IR.lua

Opens the Impulse Responses directory for IR, as well as the selected item's path, so you can quickly drag any item to your Reaverb and use as an Impulse Response. You need to set up the Impulse Response directory yourself. This video explains.

-IDDQD Sound_Nudge selected tracks Pan

Two actions that nudge selected tracks pans %10 left or right. I assign these to I and O on my keyboard. I cover these and many more hotkeys in this video.

-IDDQD Sound_Stop & Begin Recording Again & Wait & Record

Useful actions for recording yourself. 'Wait & Record' waits 3 seconds before starting recording, allowing you to get up and get ready! 'Stop & Begin Recording Again' Stops your current recording, returns to the beginning of the recorded item and starts recording again. Useful for when you are improvising and not sure of how long you'll be recording. Explained here.

Custom Toolbars

These are standalone downloads of my various toolbars.

-Automation Toolbar: This is my automation toolbar, including buttons to change selected tracks or global automation modes, as well as a few really useful actions for working in Latch Preview, and some other extras. Explained in this video.

-MIDI Events channel Toolbar: This simple toolbar includes 16 toggle, each corresponding to the action 'Set channel for new events to' 1-16 and useful for MIDI editing in one window. Explained further here.

-MIDI Piano Roll Toolbar: This is the toolbar appearing at the top of your MIDI Editor windows. I customized this toolbar quite a bit but I kept all the defaults on there too. Here's a quick tour.

-My Top Toolbar: This is my "master" toolbar that always appears on top of all my screensets. It's got tons of useful actions in it. Check out this video for more details.

Installation Guide

Step 1: Download the bundle above. Unzip, then Open the Toolbar folder and copy all the files inside.
Step 2 (Optional): Open Reaper, on top, go to Options>Show REAPER Resource Path in Explorer/Finder. Find the folder named Menusets. Paste them there.
Step 3: Before Importing, open each one in a text editing application and edit the first line with an empty toolbar number from your Reaper. For example, if you want to import to the Floating toolbar 6, simply change the first line [Floating toolbar 15] to [Floating toolbar 6].

Example of what you will see when you open a toolbar in TextEdit. This Menu set will import my Automation toolbar to the Floating toolbar 15 in your system. If your toolbar 15 is already in use, change this number and save the file again.

Step 4: Right click on any toolbar in your reaper and click on Customize toolbar. You will see a window like this:

Step 5: Click the dropdown menu on the top left corner, and find a Floating toolbar or a Floating MIDI toolbar that is empty in yours. Click on it and you should see the (still empty) toolbar action list below the dropdown.

Step 6: Click on Import, it'll go to where you pasted the toolbars. Click on the one you want to import and hit Okay. Done!

Ask Kenny Action

This is really kind of a goof action in celebration of 50 Rapid-Fire Reaper Tutorials. What's life without a bit of fun? That said, the underlying action to create a script to open a file could have tons of uses, and you can also use it to open any other page online, or even a whole other DAW or whatever! If you found some creative uses for it, make sure to leave a comment and let others know!

The download comes with a custom Kenny icon as well.

Kenny Gioia is one of the best educators out there and we're all very lucky to have his videos at our disposal for free. Of course, let's never forget Jon Tidey of the Reaper Blog either. The two of these folks together will tell you everything you need to become a Reaper wizard. I don't ever hope to come close to either with my videos, but only providing them as an alternative!


Once again, thank you for being with me in these tutorials. Our channel is still new so I know I tend to make mistakes, or sometimes may over explain, or go too fast, or just fuck up the explanation of something. I try to get better as I go and I'm open to feedback! Let me know your thoughts on my pacing, length of videos etc. Of course, it's impossible to please everyone but I will try to find the perfect balance and be receptive to my community.

If you like the work I do, please consider donating to me on my BuyMeACoffee page here. Any donation of any amount will be highly appreciated. Of course, if you can, also donate to the people who make the amazing scripts that we love and use so much! Each custom script in Reaper is tagged with the name of the developer, and often a direct link to donate via PayPal as well. If not, google their name and you can find them on the forums and make a donation, and help out the wonderful Reaper community!

See you all soon with more tutorials!

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