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How to Jam in any key without knowing Music Theory (Rapid-fire Reaper Tutorials Ep54)

Hey folks!

In a previous MIDI episode, I showed you how you can snap your MIDI notes to any scale you want. Today, as per request of my first donor EJV, I wanted to show you how to snap what you're playing to any scale live. Snap to scale only works with recorded/written MIDI items, but what if you want to jam with your friends in some obscure key and have it make sense? For that, you need ReaMIDIControl.

I'll also show you how to set it up so even if you know Zero music theory, you can simply play in any key by playing on the white notes on your keyboard.

Finally, I'll show you how to download hundred of scales and import into REAPER for free, and they work both ReaMIDIControl & the Snap to Scale feature in your MIDI Editor!

Download the Scales here.

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