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How to Solo in Front (Rapid-Fire Reaper Tutorials Ep55)

Hey folks!

In this tutorial, I wanna show you how to set up Solo in Front or Solo Dim. It modifies REAPER so instead of soloing a track muting all other tracks, it just turns them down, allowing us to focus on the soloed track, while still hearing the mix, therefore making decisions based on the context of the mix!

An old instructor of mine (Michael Nielssen) used to say 'When you solo tracks, you are taking yourself out of the context of the mix, and making decisions out of context is the best way to have a bad mix!'

There's a dilemma with soloing. On one hand, if I'm working on the tone of my kick, I want to be able to hear it, and not have my decisions coloured by other tracks, but on the other hand, if I make a bunch of modifications to my kick sound when soloed, I may not like how it sits in the mix once I un-solo.

Luckily, REAPER allows for a compromise: Soloing in Front. Instead of muting all other tracks when you solo a track, it just dims them, allowing you to still hear the context of the mix, while being able to focus on what you are soloing!

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