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Setting multiple tracks' inputs in sequence aka cascading inputs (Rapid-Fire REAPER tutorials Ep57)

Hey Folks!

In this episode I will show you multiple ways to set the input of multiple tracks sequentially. This is a useful feature if you are recording any kind of multi-mic/multi-input audio, or setting multiple MIDI inputs for multiple tracks.

Native way: You can do this using Native REAPER features two different ways.
First Method: This is a quick method but no hotkeys are assignable to it.1. Select multiple tracks
2. Right click on Record Arm button of one of them
3. Go to Set inputs Sequentially
4. From there you can set multiple mono or stereo inputs. Select the first input you want for the first selected track, and the rest will be assigned sequentially, so if you set the first to 2 for 4 selected tracks, the second one will be set to 3, and the last one to 5.

Second Method: I personally find this method finicky and not great for big projects (as I have ranted about previously)1. Hit Option/Alt+R to open Routing Matrix (Alternatively go to View>Routing Matrix
2. From there you can also drag across your inputs and set them to the associated tracks.

SWS way: This method is the quickest, but not the most flexible.
You can use the action 'SWS/AW: Cascade selected tracks inputs' to do the same thing. I have assigned this to a mouse modifier. Go to Preferences>Mouse Modifiers>Track control Panel>Double click, and I have my Option+Command+Shift+Double click assigned to this action. You can also set a hotkey for it or just run it off the Action List if this is not something you do often.

I recommend you also save your final product as a track template, and again, you can also put that in your SWS Resources, assign a hotkey to it, and quickly recall it for future projects!

Happy recording!

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