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SWS Smart Markers 101: Intro to Smart Markers (Rapid-fire Reaper Tutorials Ep61)

Hey folks!

In this episode, I want to introduce you to one of SWS' most powerful features, smart markers, aka action markers. Basically, these are markers that execute an action when the playhead passes through them!

To nail down the basics, I'm gonna use a simple example of how this could be useful in a live situation to hot swap your keyboard instrument, but we will get on to more complex examples in the next tutorial.

In the SWS user guide you can find some extra examples and work through them, but I'll try to show a few examples of my uses for it, and please share with the class your uses as I'm sure every REAPER user will find different uses for this feature!

Creating Smart Markers

To create a smart marker, simply:
-Insert a marker anywhere on your timeline where you want an action to be run.
-Find that action in your action list, Right click and choose 'Copy selected action Command ID'.
-Double click on your marker, clear text if any, and type an exclamation mark: !
-Command/Control V to paste the Copied action ID.

Command IDs: Every action, including every custom action, SWS action, or a script in REAPER has a unique numerical ID. This is needed to tell the marker which command(s) to run. You can also separate a few different commands by spaces and run all of them with one marker!

Here's the video:

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