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Making your Frozen Tracks stand out with a track icon (Rapid Fire REAPER tutorials Ep84)

Hey folks!

Here's the Download Bundle for this episode:

Download Bundle (Contains 4 actions, 1 png icon, 1 ReaperMenu file)

-Start by moving the .png icon. Go to REAPER, Options>Show Resource path in Explorer/Finder...Then go Data>track_icons and paste the icon there.

-In Extensions>Resources, Click on the 'image' tab.

-Choose slot 1, right click>Add Slot/file... and navigate to the png icon, hit open

-Import all 4 actions by going to the Actions List>New Action>Load ReaScript and load all 4 actions in. (You can also download them from my Repository by copying the link below)

-Go to Options>Customize Menus/Toolbars and click on Import.

-Find the file titled 'iddqd_TCP Context Custom Menu.ReaperMenu and click on it.

-Make sure all the scripts were found and installed.

You can also download the actions from my repository, paste this URL to your Extensions>Reapack>Import Repositories...



Let me know if anything wasn't working properly, and honestly it's probably easier to follow the video and make these actions yourself!

Here it is:

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How to Import my Repositories:
You can download this script by copying the link below to your ReaPack. Go to Extensions>Import Repositories and paste this link:


Next go to Extensions>Browse Packages and search for iddqd. You can then select some or all of my actions to install!