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Below you can find some of my music. My Music career began in 2003 and since then I've been involved in the production of 30+ records by various bands, as well as through my collaborative solo project. Visit the reel page to see examples of my film & TV compositions.


IDDQD was founded in 2010 as a collaborative project in Istanbul. The aim of starting this project was for me to explore genres and sounds that fell outside of what I was doing with the different bands that I was in. The style has evolved over time, starting with compositions done with a single guitar and loop, to gradually including denser arrangements and instrumentation. Releasing mostly singles whenever I had time off from other musical projects, all early IDDQD releases were singles, until releasing its first EP 'The Last Year on Earth' in 2017. During the 2020 pandemic I got time to record and release the first full-length Album 'Mutations', and I'm currently in the production phase of the second album titled 'Hometown'. Most tracks feature one-time collaborations from a wide range of artists from around the world! Follow IDDQD for updates & more Subscribe to our YouTube Page


Below are links to some of the bands I've been a part of as founding member, session musician, or producer:


Psychedelic Rock band from Istanbul, Turkey. I played bass in Kinesis from 2014-2018, during which time we released two records, toured nationally and snagged a win at the Roxy Music Battle of the Bands in 2015, later signing with Turkish Indie Label WeMuzik. Debut EP 'Lavdanom' on Bandcamp Second EP 'Miasma' on Spotify Live Studio Session Kinesis Live at Peyote, Istanbul [Text Wrap to image on the left?]


My musical journey began with the Free Keys, a progressive rock trio in Iran. Our story started as political dissidents and ended in immense tragedy. I look back at those formative years with a mixture of fondness and sorrow. Read the Story Free Keys Trio in Tehran, 2006


I was a co-founder of Istanbul-based Indie Rock band Rubber Walrus, featuring members from around the globe, including co-founders Lewis King & Gijs Witdouck. Rubber Walrus released a handful of songs but most of our career was playing live shows, ultimately crowdfunding a mini-tour of Europe, culminating in a main stage performance at Boom Town Festival in Ghent, Belgium! Rubber Walrus is on indefinite hiatus since 2017 when political turmoil in Turkey resulted in Lewis returning to the states, but a re-union is in the works once international travel becomes a possibility again! Rubber Walrus on Facebook Rubber Walrus 2015


I replaced bassist and founding member Aaron in this Rock quartet from Istanbul, in 2015. Later we merged into another band called the Cuckoo Coup. Wingmen on Facebook Wingmen Live at Peyote, Istanbul, 2016


Skata was a fusion Jazz/Indie band with electronic elements, made up of fellow Bilgi Music students, in which I was the guitar player in 2017. Soundpicnic Studio Session Skata Live, Istanbul, 2017