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MIDI 202: 20+ More Actions for MIDI Editing (Rapid-Fire Reaper Tutorials Ep58)

Hey Folks!

A while back we did a couple of videos on useful MIDI Hotkeys and useful Mouse Modifiers for Editing MIDI Events and CC. They were very popular and obviously I didn't cover everything so this episode is an addendum to that video. I'd expect we'll have more in the future as well. Here's a playlist to catch you up with all my MIDI tutorials in REAPER.

As always, I encourage you to browse the Action List> MIDI Editor yourself and see what other hotkeys are useful to you as they may not have been useful for me to pay attention to!

Here's a list of all the hotkeys used in the video and my (suggested) hotkeys for them. You can click to expand the photo and take a screenshot! You can also email me and request my configurations, but you will lose everything you have configured so I suggest just taking the time to assign them yourself, or maybe just look up the actions and set your own hotkeys.

Retrograde Events: This is a simple custom action that retrogrades a selected MIDI passage. Retrograde means 'Reversed and upside down' and is a well-known technique for melody development since the 14th century, and later popularized in styles such as 12-tone music. You can learn more about the technique in this video as I had to cut it for time (this is already the longest ever Rapid-fire Reaper Tutorial)

IDDQD Sound_Retrograde Selected Events

Instructions: Download the script and open from REAPER. If you don't know how to import scripts, watch this video.

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