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Smart Markers 202: SWS Marker Utilities/Smart marker toolbar(Rapid-Fire REAPER tutorials Ep64)

Hey folks!

In this episode we're bringing all the info from Smart Marker Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 together, and introducing you to SWS Marker utilities, a great tool that allows you to save/load/rename/move/renumber/recolor multiple markers, as well as let you move them across different projects. This will help you transfer your complex smart marker structures across multiple projects so you don't have to make them again!

I will also show you my Smart Marker Toolbar, and you can download it, including all my custom actions to create some of my most-used smart markers. Let me know in the comments how you use Smart Markers and I'll make a video for that as well!

Download My Smart Marker Toolbar & Actions

Note: in order for the toolbar to work, you need SWS installed and updated to the latest version, and you need my custom actions. First download and load the actions then load the toolbar. If you need instructions on how to download and import custom actions, watch this video!

IDDQD Sound_Smart Marker Actions & Toolbar


  1. IDDQD Sound_Smart markers/Marker Utilities Toolbar:My custom toolbar containing my smart marker custom actions & some Marker utilities actions to avoid having to menu-dive. (Explained in the video)
  2. IDDQD Sound_Insert Smart Marker-Metronome Toggle: Creates a smart marker at edit cursor to toggle metronome off/on. Useful for turning the metronome off automatically for free tempo sections, or quieter sections where the click bleed from Headphones is heard on a recording.
  3. IDDQD Sound_Insert Smart Marker-Record: Toggles Recording without stopping playback. Uses for this were covered in Episode 3.
  4. IDDQD Sound_Insert Smart Marker-Go to Next/Previous Track: These two custom actions create smart markers at edit position to go to next or previous track. Useful for using MIDI instruments in a performance setting. Explained in Episode 1.
  5. IDDQD Sound_Insert Smart Marker-Skip to next marker: This creates a smart marker at edit cursor position that skips to the marker after that. Explained in Episode 3.
  6. IDDQD Sound_Insert Smart Marker-Jump to previous Marker: This does the opposite of the above marker.
  7. IDDQD Sound_Insert Smart Marker-Go to Marker 1-8: These 8 Custom scripts make smart markers to go to a specific numbered marker.

Note: First install the scripts before importing the toolbar.

HINT: If there are other markers you use often, in Episode 2 of this mini-series I show you how to do that using a script by Outboarder. I also created all the above Markers using outboarder's script, so all credit due to outboarder.

How to import a toolbar

To import a toolbar, download it then:

  1. First import the scripts (instructions above)
  2. (Optional) paste the toolbar in your REAPER resource Path under Menusets, just to find them later!
  3. In REAPER, go to Options>Customize Menus & Toolbars.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select an empty toolbar (or one you wish to overwrite).
    4a. If your toolbar number 8 is empty, you can select that and follow the steps below.
    Otherwise, go to 4b.
    5a. With the empty toolbar selected, click on Import.. on the bottom left of the screen.
    6a. Navigate to where you saved my toolbar. Hit okay!
    7a. Done!

4b. If your toolbar number 8 is already in use, find a toolbar that is empty. For example, let's say your toolbar 10 is empty. Follow the steps below.
5b. Open the file 'IDDQD Sound_Smart Markers/Marker Utilities Toolbar.ReaperMenu' with any text editor application.
6b. The first line you will see is [Floating Toolbar 8]. Change that number to 10.
7b. Click save and close the text editor.
7c. Go to step 3, and repeat from step 3 to step 7a, selecting Toolbar 10 in step 4a.

Note: This happens because REAPER expects you to import toolbar in the same toolbar slot that you exported from. Slightly annoying, but a quick fix.


Smart Markers, if you record yourself, or use REAPER to perform, are an actual godsend, so I hope you understand how much time/headache you'll save yourself if you spend the time required to set these up, and I hope my toolbar and actions will help you get started on this quest. Likewise, please let me know how you use them, and I'd love to take inspiration from you!

Here's the video:

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